Jules Brown

But me no buts. And you can't start a sentence with a conjunction, can you?

But of course you can. And you can start a whole new paragraph with one too. If you want. Because the truth is, the "rule" that you can't, is bunk. So fire away. Or rather, conjunction away. Before I go any further, a quick reminder of what a conjunction is.

The incessant bitching of a copywriting curmudgeon...

As some of you may have noticed, my website has been down for a while and I haven't written any blog posts in, well, ages. That, I hope, should all change. The website is back up with a new look, and I hope to blog from time to time. I'll

Ask like you mean it: 9 tips to improve your response rates.

One of the things I love about all those old-guard admen in the TV series Mad Men is the unabashed honesty they show when it comes to what they do for a living. They don't (as so many of today’s advertising types do) try dressing it up in

10 pointers to the perfect PS for your next fundraising letter

Like a lot of direct response copywriters, I rate the importance of the PS very highly. The reason is simple - research conducted on the way people read direct mail letters shows that after scanning their name and address and the letter's headline, most people flip straight to the end

3 free typography tips guaranteed to boost donations

Making your copy work for you is not just about the words themselves, but how they look. Basically, typography matters. Font choice, font size, line and paragraph spacing, all play a critical role in making it easier, or harder, for your intended audience to read your letter. Typography that makes

How to persuade a donor to write you a cheque for $20,000

Don't worry, this isn't one of those "100 secrets of a top copywriter" things. It's real. If you want your appeals to generate individual gifts of $20,000, you need to do one thing... Ask for it! But ask for it well. About 5 years ago I suggested to a